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An Exceptional Weekend of Rock n Roll 2019

Prices [table id=12 /]   This is our second 'Exceptional...
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July 24, 2020From £239 per person (half board)

Swinging 60’s Summer Spectacular 2020

[elementor-template id="7678"]   Prices [table id=24 /]   This Swinging...
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June 12, 2020From £239 per person (half board)

Soul Motown Weekend No4 2020

[elementor-template id="7678"]   Prices [table id=25 /]   This is...
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October 2, 2020From £199 per person (half board)

An Exceptional Weekend of Rock n Roll No.2 2020

[elementor-template id="7678"]   Prices [table id=12 /]   This is...
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April 10, 2020From £215 per person (half board)

Elvis Easter Special 2020 Spring Fever

[elementor-template id="7678"]   Prices [table id=9 /]   This is...
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December 27, 2019From £220 per person (half board)

The Christmas Celebration 2019

[elementor-template id="7678"]   Prices [table id=6 /]   Come and...
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