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The Rubettes Featuring Bill Hurd

Great music never dies, and somewhere around the world there is always a song by the Rubettes being played on the radio. The legend and sound of the Rubettes music lives on with The Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd. Taking the essential ingredients of that classic rock ‘n roll style, this unique and innovative line-up produces stunning live performances with an infectious sound that never fails to please.

This is without doubt, an exciting and dynamic band. With Rubettes original founder member Bill Hurd at the helm, and an impressive array of top class musicians, featuring John Summerton, Billy Hill, Dave Harding and Martin Clapson. This is an impressive unit which brings a freshness that enhances all of the unforgettable classic hit sounds of the Rubettes, and at the same time continues to introduce some great new material that brings the music of the ‘Rubettes’ firmly into the 21st century.

With superb vocal harmonies, incredible on-stage energy and an unrivalled passion for their music, this talented outfit is firmly focused on the future and not content with just “going through the motions” or riding on the back of the bands success of the seventies.

With some brilliant new songs alongside the classic hits, and some of the fans firm favourites from the albums and ‘B’ sides, this band goes ‘all out’ to entertain, consistently getting enthusiastic reactions from their audiences wherever they play.

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