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Born in Hohenlimburg next to the river Lenne the two brothers Michael and Stefan Koch have been on the road in the name of Rock`n`Roll since 1984. With their band “The Lennerockers“ they performed in more than 20 countries, played more than 2500 gigs, sold over 60.000 CDs and DVDs, and even set up a world record (Guinness  World Records 2003, German edition, page 258 “Highest Live-Show“). The very special voice of “Ele“ (Michael Koch), the impressing piano-style of “Teddy“ (Stefan Koch)  and their main part of the song writing, created the unmistakeable Lennerockers sound for more than 30 years. Their classics like “High Class Lady“, “Far From The Charts“, “Boogie Woogie Queen“, “Whiskey Girl“ and “Women, Booze and Rock`n`Roll“ are covered and performed by lots of Rock`n`Roll and Country acts all across Europe. The choreography “My New Life“ to the song “High Class Lady“ is a worldwide Line-Dance favourite from Asia to North America and from Europe to Australia.
After the established formation stopped touring at the end of 2016, the brothers took the chance to set up a new line-up for 2017 and the years to come.

The birth of the “LenneBrothers Band”!

Upcoming Events

Start Date Name Details Location Price
March 4, 2022

It’s still Rock ‘n’ Roll to me No.12 2022

Holiday Resort Unity, Coast Road, Brean Sands, Somerset TA8 2RB. From £160 per person
Holiday Resort Unity, Coast Road, Brean Sands, Somerset TA8 2RB. From £160 per person

COVID-19 Update


COVID Update March Unity

Following the government’s latest announcement we have to postpone both the School Disco Weekend at Unity resort and our Voices weekend at Beverley Park.

We will be in touch with everyone affected in next two weeks.
Please allow us to contact you and we thank you for your patience in advance during this difficult time

Other Event Updates

Events at Durrant Hotel and Unity resort for 2021 will go ahead as planned with a different schedule of entertainment (number of acts will not change).

Unity will feature a festival all-dayer style with bands at 2.30pm, 4.00 pm, 5.30pm, 7.00pm and 8.30pm.

Durrant Hotel will begin with evening meal at 6pm.

We have proved with our Elvis week at Hemsby that events CAN operate in the current climate very successfully.

If you do not wish to attend for ANY reason we have no legal obligation to transfer or refund deposits as the events WILL be going ahead.

We have spent six months transferring deposits and cancelling events and are not in a position to be as flexible as we would normally be, therefore transfers and refunds are NOT possible. Unless you can prove you were part of the original group advised to shield by the government in March, are infected with coronavirus at the time of the event, or are in a local lockdown area at the time of the event that doesn’t allow travel on holidays (most do). In these exceptional circumstances we will look at bookings on an individual basis.

As the 10pm curfew looks a mid-to-long term policy we will all have to learn to adapt and we are certain that our events will be a great success

Hopefully most sensible people will recognise this situation is not of our making and understand our decisions designed to protect the long term viability of our business and livelihoods of the professional musicians we employ.

The above is subject to change based on any government change in its policy.