Echoes of the 60s

Echoes of the 60’s Show

Echoes of the Sixties is a great nostalgic show with amazing vocal harmonies, costumes and state of the art video and lighting production

Echoes of the 60’s is a lavish production which brings the music of the 1960’s to life with incredible vocals, amazing costumes, state of the art lighting and sound, and a massive video screen showing original footage of the artistes painstakingly lip-synced to the show, all the vocals are completely live, there is no miming, and the incredible virtuosity of Ron Howells on guitar is second to none. Throughout the show there are costume changes, and the music will either take you right back to the era that you remember or will introduce you to an amazing array of sounds which changed and shaped a generation.

A huge amount of audience participation is a big part of the show and patrons are actively encouraged to take part, either from their seat or on stage or the dance floor!, there is a lot of comedy in the show as well and it is certainly a show for any audience.

Available for private events, as well as public venues, the Echoes of the 60’s show is a perfect choice for any venue and any audience.

The Echoes of the 60’s show travels as well and is available worldwide.

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